Live Presentation with the Producer

The Future of Holocaust History

“Meet the Filmmaker” Program Explores Challenges to Holocaust Education

What is gained and what is lost when the history of the Holocaust is interpreted by human rights activists, artists, authors, and filmmakers? With the survivor generation fading, who and what will replace that living voice? Which story of the Holocaust will be told? These are some of the critical issues addressed in “Memory After Belsen,” a new film for Discovery Education and the subject of a live “Meet the Filmmaker” event with Writer/Producer Joshua M. Greene.

This acclaimed documentary follows the granddaughter of a Bergen-Belsen survivor to the place of her family’s destruction. Her journey provides a vehicle for exploring issues and tensions surrounding Holocaust memory. The film, geared toward high school, college and general audiences, raises issues that are today uppermost on the minds of educators and scholars. The 76-minute program features excerpts from Oscar-winning feature films, an exploration of Art Spiegelman’s Pulitzer Prize-winning graphic novel Maus, the legacy of Anne Frank and excursions into classrooms from Harlem to Germany. Commentary is offered by leading thinkers in the field of Holocaust studies, including Alvin Rosenfeld, Lawrence L. Langer, Jeffrey Hartman, Marianne Hirsch, Michael Marrus, and noted Holocaust artist and child survivor Samuel Bak.


“…profoundly moving documentary, which finds new and bracing ways to tackle an important and far-reaching subject.”


The Speaker

Emmy Award-nominated producer Joshua M. Greene recently retired as Adjunct Professor of Religious Studies at Hofstra University. His films on Holocaust history air on PBS and Discovery. His books on Holocaust testimony and war crimes trials have been translated into several languages.